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Sample Videos

External Recruiter Market Overview: Trainee Pay

Pupillages are Stuck in the 19th Century

Every Interaction Could Be an Opportunity

A Latham & Watkins Partners' Interview Advice

What You'll Learn: In less than 10 Hours

How the industry works

How to get in

How to plan your career

Course Outline

Types of Firms/Chambers

Experience/Impressions of Firms

Experience/Impressions of Chambers

Experience/Impression of Government

Experience/Impressions of In-House

Industry Misconceptions

Industry Challenges/Opportunities

Industry Knowledge

Type of Candidates

Industry Concepts/Lingo

Solicitor: Typical Trajectory

Barrister: Typical Trajectory

Partner vs. Counsel

Solicitor: Remuneration

Barrister: Remuneration


Non-EU Candidates

Geographic Mobility & International Placements

International Practice & Qualifications

Specialisation: Commercial Construction & Real Estate

Specialisation: Corporate M&A

Specialisation: General Corporate

Specialisation: Government Advisory

Specialisation: Data Protection & Privacy

Specialisation: Criminal/White Collar Crime

Specialisation: Asset Recovery

Specialisation: Project Finance

Specialisation: Media

Specialisation: Litigation

Specialisation: Equity & Debt Capital Markets

The Basics: Paralegal

The Basics: Trainee

The Basics: Pupil

Training Contract


Experience & Self-Funding: GDL

Experience & Self-Funding: LPC

Experience & Self-Funding: BPTC

Paralegal to Trainee Route

U.S. Qualification Route

Second Chances: Alternative Qualification Options

Law Firms: Funding & Maintenance

Application Process & Approach: Insight Days/First Yr Schemes

Application Process & Approach: Vacation Schemes

Application Process & Approach: Training Contracts

Application Process & Approach: Paralegal

Application Process & Approach: Mini-Pupillage

Application Process & Approach: Pupillage

Solicitor: Application Challenges & Advice

Barrister: Application Challenges & Advice

Solicitors: Leveraging Legal Work Experience

Barrister: Leveraging Legal Work Experience

Solicitor: Leveraging Non-Legal Work Experience

Barrister: Leveraging Non-Legal Work Experience

Questions: Why Law?

Questions: Why This Firm?

Questions: Why This Set of Chambers?

Other FAQs

Writing Style

Solicitor: General Application Advice

Barrister: General Application Advice

Law Career Prep

CVs: Do's & Don'ts

Recruiter Advice: Applications & Interview Approach

Research Resources

Differentiation of Firms

Differentiation of Sets of Chambers

Solicitor: Level of Knowledge

Barrister: Level of Knowledge

Solicitor: Core Competencies & Skills

Barrister: Core Competencies & Skills

Leveraging Skills: Attention to Detail

Leveraging Skills: Analytical/Critical Skills

Leveraging Skills: Ability to Interact with Range of People

Leveraging Skills: Verbal Communication Skills

Leveraging Skills: Written Communication Skills

Leveraging Skills: Resilience

Leveraging Skills: Creative Thinking

Leveraging Skills: Determined & Self-Motivated

Leveraging Skills: Fast Learner

Leveraging Skills: Flexibility & Adaptability

Leveraging Skills: Problem-Solving

Leveraging Skills: Time Management

Leveraging Skills: Negotiation

Leveraging Skills: Leadership

Leveraging Skills: Organisational

Leveraging Skills: Research

Leveraging Skills: Team Work

Importance of Language Skills

Solicitor: Commercial Awareness

Barrister: Commercial Awareness

Leveraging Society Positions: President/ Co-president

Leveraging Society Positions: Vice-President

Leveraging Society Positions: Treasurer

Leveraging Society Positions: Events Coordinator

Leveraging Society Positions: Head of Career

Leveraging Society Positions: Corporate or External Relations

Leveraging Society Positions: Fresher Rep

Leveraging Society Positions: Secretary


Leveraging Society Positions: Marketing Manager

Leveraging Other Positions of Responsibility


Leveraging University Resources: LSE

Leveraging University Resources: Warwick

Leveraging University Resources: Oxford

Leveraging University Resources: Cambridge

Law Degrees: In Practice

Non-Law Degree: Disadvantageous Position?

Leveraging Degree: English

Leveraging Degree: Management/Business

Leveraging Degree: Politics, Philosophy & Economics

Interview Approach: Vacation Schemes & Training Contracts

Interview Approach: Mini-Pupillages & Pupillages

Solicitor: Interview Technique

Barrister: Interview Technique


Who with?

LinkedIn Techniques

Preparation Techniques

Do's & Don'ts

Bolster your Applications

Importance of Mentorship

Workplace Social Activities

Diversity/Networking Programs

Exposure: Socio-Economic Diversity

Exposure: Ethnic Diversity

Exposure: Diverse Backgrounds

Exposure: LGBT Diversity

Solicitor: Inclusivity

Barrister: Inclusivity

Personal Journeys: Elite Firms

Personal Journeys: In-House

Personal Journeys: Government

Personal Journeys: Elite Chambers

Personal Journeys: Career Changes

Advice to Younger Self

Best Advice Received as Junior

Partner: A Day in the Life of

Barrister: A Day in the Life of

Trainee: A Day in the Life of

Associate: A Day in the Life of

Pupil: A Day in the Life of

Vacation Schemer: A Day in the Life of

Solicitor: Pressure, Work/Life Balance & Job Highlights

Barrister: Pressure, Work/Life Balance & Job Highlights


How to Dress

Let your Personality Shine

How to Stand Out

Committed to Diversity

  • 46% of our mentors are first-generation university graduates or are from socio-economic diverse backgrounds.
  • 3 hours of content from LGBT mentors or is LGBT-focused.
  • ONE-THIRD of our mentors graduated from non-Russell Group universities.
  • 77% of our mentors are BAME.
  • 60% of our mentors are women.
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